Testamints - the mint with a Message...

Share Testamints with your friends as a simple way to share the Word of God.

Testamints products were first introduced in 1996 and have been used by
thousands of people to share the Word of God with a simple mint.

Currently Testamints are distributed exclusively by Oriental Trading Company.
All orders should be placed directly with Oriental Trading at their website.
Please click here to be taken to the Testamints page on their website.

For larger quantities of mints, Oriental Trading has a wholesale
division called Fun Express, and large orders can be placed directly on the
Fun Express website by clicking here to be directed to the Testamints page.

To qualify as a distributor of Testamints, the minimum order quantity is 5000
pounds of mints for each order. This is for basic plain bag packaging.
Custom packaging is available, with larger quantities. Serious inquiries may contact us directly.

Testamints Sales & Distribution Inc.
Hopatcong, New Jersey

To contact the Testamints office, please email us using the form below:
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